The Calling

A Soul Voice® Retreat at Playa Viva

A Transformative Journey of Healing and Creative Expression in Mexico with Soul Voice® founder, Karina Schelde

An intensive 8 day retreat

May 12-20, 2024

All Inclusive for $3500

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Unlock Your Potential

Are you ready to let your voice be heard? To break free from limitations and step into your truest self?

Join us at Playa Viva for a transformative 8-day retreat that promises to be a journey of healing, creative expression, and self-discovery like no other.

This is your opportunity to connect with your soul's voice, align with your highest purpose, and embrace the vibrant, authentic you.

Beyond our fears, negative and limiting beliefs, beyond all the wounds and lies we tell ourselves and others, the voice of the Soul is always the yearning to emerge and tell itself.

To give voice to our sacred, unique, precious being so that the life that dwells in us can unfold and honor the great design to which we belong.

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Allow the Soul Voice® sounding to heal emotional wounds, imbalances and limiting beliefs, penetrating to the deepest core.

This Retreat is open to everybody, no prior training, singing, or sounding experience necessary!

  • Learn scanning techniques, inner listening in order to trust your own sound-scapes; sound healing abilities.
  • Deepen the inner female; the inner male through creative work, sound therapy; voice healing.

  • Access a bigger spectrum of your authentic self-expression as you eliminate fear and let your inner playful child soar.
  • Learn to listen with full presence in your communication so as to receive clear authentic guidance.

  • Connect with ancestral patterns and be initiated into Whale medicine.
  • Experience overtone sound healing; telepathic sound healing in order to significantly realign your whole being; enhance your sound healing capacities.
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Playa Viva is a B-corp certified eco-luxury resort in the beautiful southwestern coast of Mexico, just outside of Zihuatanejo. Their property is situated on a mile of pristine private beach surrounded by lush green palms. You’ll fall asleep to the lullaby of the Pacific Ocean and wake to the warm breeze on your skin.

Enjoy guilt free luxury at an environmentally conscious resort dedicated to sustainability and regenerative practices. You will stay in open air, oceanfront, award winning accommodations, eat meals straight from the farm, and participate in the baby turtle release from the onsite turtle sanctuary.

Eco-Luxury Accommodations

Sustainable Development for Community Impact and Regenerative Trust

3 Organic Farm to Table Meals a Day

Private Beachfront,



Turtle Sanctuary/ Baby Turtle Release

shuttle bus brought people to the airport for the flight

Airport Transportation

to and from

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Accommodations and Pricing

For this Event we have shared accommodation, luxury camp style.

You will be assigned a room, all rooms are great! We do accept roommate requests , especially if you are coming as a coupe or with a friend.


Total for the event and all inclusive accommodations is $3500

This is an intensive retreat so there will not be much time spent in your room besides to sleep and shower. If you absolutely require private accommodations they are available.

Click Here : To have a private space it is $4600.

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Your Guide in Soul Voice Expression

Karina Schelde

Karina is an internationally acclaimed pioneer and master teacher in her field with an indomitable spirit, using the human voice as the ultimate instrument for personal development. Thousands of people worldwide have been touched by her leading-edge modality.

Karina has worked with alternative therapies the last four decades and has a background as a professional bodyworker, breath-worker, coach, shamanic healer and actor. The last two decades she has taught the Soul Voice® method in over 25 countries and trained and certified a selected group of Practitioners & Teachers.

She is the author of three books, sound healing CDs, instructional DVDs and an audiobook. Karina lives & teaches her sound-medicine with a magnificent passion and dedication to her lifelong vision… spreading the method to all walks of life and to countries, where the method is not yet known.

As the Founder of Soul Voice®, Karina Schelde offers an exceptional and ground-breaking therapeutic voice and sound healing modality.

Karina’s unwavering ability to hold a safe container for the group, while working very intimately with each and every student, creates the space where people come to the deepest part of themselves... leading them to find their voice in life, both literally & figuratively.

She is authentic and deeply embodied in the knowledge of this work she has molded over many, many years. This workshop is open to everybody - no singing or sounding experience is necessary.

Karina Schelde

Soul Voice® Founder

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What’s included and What’s not?


  • Airport transportation to/from Zihuatanejo Ixtapa International Airport (ZIH).
  • Farm to table meals and snacks.
  • Beverages (except alcohol, smoothies, coconuts, and specialty drinks).
  • Tip, taxes, and donation to the regenerative trust.
  • Complimentary / optional morning yoga classes.


  • Airfare/flights (You’d fly into ZIH)
  • Alcoholic beverages, coconuts, smoothies, or specialty drinks.
  • Excursions, Boutique goods.
  • Massages, spa treatments.

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What to Expect

This 8-day, all-inclusive retreat is a carefully crafted initiatory experience, Soul Voice®: The Calling. Through a series of exercises, sound healing sessions, breath work, and reprogramming techniques, you'll delve deep into your emotional landscape, connect with your ancestral patterns, and tap into the power of your voice for profound healing and growth.

"There is a cry, a call deep within our hearts that wants to be heard. We long for the liberation of our voice and soul to rediscover the grandeur of who we truly are as a force of the highest vibration of Creation."

-Karina Schelde

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The Calling: A Soul Voice® Retreat:

Discover your voice potential, ignite your calling!

The Soul Voice® method works with each student's personal soundscape, sound healing abilities and creative expression. As you learn to get out of the way, you will experience what you may never have thought possible.

Being heard is your birthright!