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Life balance. Woman finding her inner balance in her life.


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Have you ever wondered what the best version of your self looks like?

What it would feel like to wake up inspired with a body brimming with life force and strength?

What it would be like to manage stress and emotions with ease and compassion?

How to show up in family and work relationships with energy, authenticity and grace?

What would it look like to live each day aligned with your inspiration and purpose?



Our approach is simple: when you’re in tune with your innate power and aligned with your authentic self you truly come alive and thrive–this is Dynamic Resonance.

However, we live in a world of constant Dissonance: stress, toxicity, disease, distraction, and delusion, all pulling us away from our full potential.

At the Vitalist Project, we cultivate a set of skills and tools that allow us to consciously move from moments of dissonance to dynamic resonance. This is the ability to Phaseshift®, to change your state of being at will to best meet any situation.


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May 12-20, 2024

Soul Voice is a creative therapeutic voice & sound healing modality which explores the human voice into its ultimate depths and potentials. Retreat at Playa Viva in Mexico

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Join our digital holistic center and Vitalist community where you can enjoy our class library, and access to special events and programs

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March 10-April 21, 2024

A seven week initiation into the art of EDGU, a practical spinal maintenance, bilateral brain activation, and neural linguistic affirmation movement practice.

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Evolutionary Embodiment

Vitalist Retreat

November 2024

Registration Coming Soon

A five day retreat designed to destress and align with what is most valuable and meaningful for you soul’s embodiment at Breitenbush Hot Springs

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EDGU Teacher Training

July 28- August 3, 2024

Registration Coming Soon

Once you’ve gone through Moving Back Into Balance Immersion the next step is to reach out and share EDGU. This is a week long in person training at Breitenbush Hot Springs to prepare you to teach this practice with the world.

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Jeffrey Moore Williams

For the past 20+ years, Jeffrey has immersed himself in learning about the capabilities of the human body through rigorous study and application of traditional and modern wellness systems from all over the world. Jeffrey is a transformation artist with a unique ability to guide people from all walks of life through a full spectrum of high impact

human empowerment teachings; his work incorporates bodywork, sound, breath, values, movement, and more. His coaching and training programs are offered to inspire and empower people to take their health into their own hands.

Swirl Moore Williams

Swirl Jordan Moore is a lifestyle transformation artist and multifaceted wholistic and bodywork practitioner who combines a deep breadth of knowledge in multiple healing modalities with an intimate understanding of wholistic pain management. When a series of diagnoses uncovered spinal issues that threatened her quality of life, she embarked on a multi year journey where she

discovered how to manage and reduce her own pain. Today, Swirl empowers her clients by teaching them methods to be embodied and to live a fulfilled life.

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The whole world is looking for a way to reset the autonomic nervous system. The long hidden answer has been held safe by one family and now is in the hands of Jeffrey and Swirl as they assist this sacred work forward.

We know that stress is the root cause of most disease and when the body and brain come out of stress the innate healing and regenerative abilities of the body are accessed and turned on. The Alphabiotic Alignment Process is a unique hands-on process which instantly unifies the brain hemispheres, balances energies within the nervous system and muscles, and facilitates with the release of stress held within the mind and body. In this state of alignment people begin to to function better on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, placing them in the most favorable state to heal oneself.

Not only do Jeffrey and Swirl offer the Alignment Process in their center, and a part of their offerings, they also teach others how to become Certified Developmental Alphabioticists at the Alphabiotic Training Academy. Classes are held each year in Texas and California starting in January.

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The information, services, and experiences provided on or through the Vitalist LLC website are for educational and informational purposes only—nothing on this website is intended as professional medical advice. Always consult with your physician or other medical professional before beginning any new exercise, wellness program, or lifestyle change.